Vehant Research Lab Challenge


Quality Aware Seatbelt/No-Seatbelt Image Classification


This challenge calls for participants to propose an effective approach for classifying images based on seatbelt presence. The emphasis lies on developing a solution that remains robust across varying lighting and weather conditions. Evaluation criteria include high accuracy for seatbelt or no seatbelt classes with an image quality dependent confidence score. Participants are encouraged to explore innovative techniques to ensure the reliability and adaptability of their proposed solution.

Participation Rules

  • Participant must use the data for the competition, and should not be shared with any one as it is having Vehant copyright.
  • Registration with multiple email IDs of the same group or individual is strictly prohibited.
  • The decision for awards by organizers will be final.

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Topic Dates
Last date for registration 5 Jan 2024
Release of training data 9 Jan 2024
Last date for Submission to Challenge 16 Feb 2024
Announcement of Challenge Winners 10 Mar 2024


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